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An Eventful Night

Last night I went to a concert to see my beautiful girlfriend preform.  She is an amazing violin player and is the person I wish to spend the rest of my life with.  While listening to her a group of people stood up and started screaming.  The first thought was why are you interrupting them, however when i saw them start to drag him into the aisle I got up and looked and saw a woman start CPR running into the lobby I started looking for an AED...

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I was on the bus in queens and was sitting to this lady. She is a graduate student at one of the colleges in the city. She was talking on a nice new iPhone 5 and had on some of the nicest clothes that I had seen in this part of queens. She was on the phone and talking loudly about how she needs to sign up for welfare and she has to schedule her surgery and that she doesn’t have insurance to pay for it. Now where I kinda got angry she is...

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Hello, I will be positing various random stuff on here.  I needed a place where I could send people for videos that I have made, to view articles that I have written and had published and much more.  I will also be placing on this website posts about things that I find interesting and of course I will be posting things that I think everybody else should be made aware of. I have made it so that you can post comments through Facebook that way...

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